Microbrewery with 500 l copper brewhouse has maximum annual exhibition of 1,000 hl. It was the first part of the brewery in operation. The first batch was established here on 1 March 2017. It is built in the premises of the former brewery refrigerator. The upper space is divided into a part of the brewhouse which also has a chilled lager cellar and a "šalanda". Originally, šalanda was supposed to be a modest background for beer course participants but it eventually turned out to be a dignified little bar with a capacity of 30 people. On the lower floor, which is adjacent to the lager cellars of the large brewery, you will find sanitary facilities and a small dressing room for course participants.

The idea of ​​building it was quite unplanned and spontaneous just before the reconstruction began, after one of the stormy debates with our brewer. A small brewery is perhaps one of the greatest specifics of the Kamenice Brewery. Until the large brewery was put into operation, this little hero provided all the brewing production. And at the moment, it produces not only beer specials.

In the microbrewery:

  • brewer´s experiments and development of new beer species
  • possibility to rent small breweries and flying breweries
  • workshops and brewing / tapping courses for individuals and groups
  • space for celebrations, meetings, parties and other closed events

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